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Pursuant to a Purchase and Sale Agreement with the State, the State sold to EEFC all of its future right, title and interest in the Tobacco Settlement Revenues (“TSRs”) under the Master Settlement Agreement (“MSA”). The MSA resolved cigarette smoking-related litigation between the settling states and the Participating Manufacturers (“PMs”), released the PMs from past and present smoking-related claims, and provides for a continuing release of future smoking-related claims, in exchange for certain payments to be made to the settling states, as well as certain tobacco advertising and marketing restrictions, among other things. The purchase price of the State’s future right, title and interest in the TSRs has been financed by the issuance of the Bonds and the Residual Certificate. The Residual Certificate represents the right of the State to receive all amounts required to be distributed after payment of all outstanding bonds and other liabilities of EEFC as set forth in the Trust Indenture. Pursuant to the resolution EEFC is prohibited from selling additional bonds, other than refunding bonds. The Bonds represent limited obligations of EEFC, payable solely from and secured solely by the pledged TSRs and the pledged amounts. The Bonds are not a debt or liability of the State or of any political subdivision or agency thereof. EEFC has no taxing power.


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